Calcium Chloride Uses and Available Suppliers

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Calcium Chloride Uses and Available Suppliers

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Calcium chloride is a salt with many different purposes, such as deicing roads and sidewalks, water treatment, food preparation, laboratory functions and medicine. While different types, or grades, of this salt exist, there are many calcium chloride suppliers available to provide you with the grade you need at a reasonable price.

Calcium Chloride for Deicing Purposes

Calcium chloride is capable of depressing the freezing point of water, which is an incredibly useful property. Not only is it able to prevent ice formation, it is capable of melting preexisting ice. This property has been recognized by areas all over the world, where it is primarily used as road salt in the winter. It is more effective than sodium chloride, and can prevent freezing below -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Calcium chloride is also useful on dirt roads as salting dirt roads keeps dust particles from leaving the road, reducing needs for fill-in materials every year. For the average consumer, calcium chloride can be used to deice sidewalks and driveways.

Calcium chloride for this purpose can be found in popular chain stores such as Walmart. Container sizes range from 10 to 50 pounds, allowing you to buy the appropriate supply for your needs.

There are many calcium chloride supplier for this purpose, such as:

Home Depot
Global Industrial

For businesses and winter services which require larger amounts of calcium chloride, bulk calcium chloride suppliers consist of:

Factory Direct Chemicals
Northern Tool

Calcium Chloride for Food and Medical Purposes

Several different food production processes use calcium chloride to make better food products. It is used on sliced apples to retain an ideal texture, added to milk to maintain cheese calcium levels, fix mineral deficiencies in water, and to aid in the productions of other food products from pickles to caramel. Some calcium chloride suppliers for food-grade salt includes:

Tetra Chemicals
Modernist Pantry
Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
LD Carlson

Calcium Chloride for Laboratory Purposes

Due to calcium chloride’s water-absorbing properties, it is commonly used in laboratories for drying different solids in specialized equipment. Laboratory calcium chloride suppliers produce the salt in containers typically ranging from 30 grams to 50 pounds, and in solutions of varying concentrations. Some of these supplier include:

Ricca Chemical
The Science Company
Home Science Tools
Frey Scientific
Research Products International Corporation

Whichever use you need calcium chloride for, it is always available from a large quantity of suppliers at a competitive price.

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