The Enterprise of Magnesium Chloride Hoarding

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The Enterprise of Magnesium Chloride Hoarding

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Magnesium chloride is a colorless crystalline solid (salt) commonly used for medication, making metallic magnesium for fertilizers, flame retardants, and water purification. It originated in the 19th century having been found by a Chemist and University Administrator Henry Roscoe. The largest magnesite production facilities in the world are found in China, Russia, and North Korea. Accumulatively, they form two-thirds of the world magnesite production facilities. China primarily controls the global magnesium market with a range of 70 to 80% production. Over the years, the demand for the salt has increased necessitating more producers and suppliers of magnesium chloride.


Magnesium chloride supplier deliver it either in the form of flakes pellets or solution. This is dependent on the purpose for the industrial use. For instance, liquid magnesium chloride is used in cleaning agents and for water purification. Flakes, on the other hand, are used for making cement and road maintenance.

Competitive Edge

One of the attributes that allow a magnesium Chloride supplier to outdo the other is the purity of the product and the pricing. The purity of the substance is vital especially when it’s going to be used for human consumption. Magnesium occurs in different forms hence the supplier that delivers the purest product tends to outdo the other. Suppliers tend to have documentation to prove their assertions on the purity of the produce. Customers also compare pricing. If two companies have the same quality but different pricing, the customers go for the cost effective one.

Production capability

The ability to produce the product in bulk is important. A magnesium chloride supplier should be able to consistently manufacture a product that meets the requirements for industrial use. Suppliers may fall short of standards if they do not follow the right procedures.

Rapid Delivery

Magnesium chloride suppliers should be able to deliver the products on agreed dates and times. This helps in strengthening the rapport with the clients. Furthermore, constant communication with the clients is essential especially when the customer wants to the product delivered to their specifications.


Suppliers must have safety precautions in their operations. High quantities of traced Magnesium chloride elements can be a problem to humans. Also, magnesium chloride consumption without a doctor’s prescription can be dangerous.

It is important to note that not all suppliers of magnesium chloride are manufacturers. Some are just distributors who work hand in hand with the producers. The business of Magnesium chloride supply is lucrative because of the high demand in the market. As more uses for the product keep rising, the demand subsequently increases. This explains why there are more suppliers in the market than the actual manufacturers.

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