Magnesium Chloride Feed Grade

    Magnesium Chloride Feed Grade is commonly used to prevent magnesium deficiency in livestock such as dairy cattle and sheep. For dairy cows and sheep, magnesium supplements are very important in preventing grass tetany. Grass tetany is a magnesium deficiency in ruminants, which can occur when animals graze on grass grown in spring or in the cold season. 

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COA of Magnesium Chloride Feed Grade

Magnesium Chloride Feed Additive Grade
Magnesium Chloride Feed Additive Grade

Application of Magnesium Chloride Feed Grade

    Magnesium chloride can be used as a kind of trace ore element in feed additives. It is widely used in cattle, sheep, poultry, and other livestock and poultry feeding and freshwater fish aquaculture industry. It can improve the physical fitness of animals, and increase the milk production and quality of cattle and sheep.

    Because of its high solubility, Magnesium Chloride is normally administered via drinking water. It is often used with Dry Cows to help maintain anionic/cationic balance (DCAB) and assist in preventing milk fever. It is also used as a source of magnesium prior to turnout and during periods when lush grass is being fed.