China Magnesium Chloride Price

1. 42%-44% magnesium Chloride Price, US$60-80/TON FOB Qingdao, China

2. 46% magnesium Chloride Price, US$70-90/TON FOB Qingdao, China

3. 98% anhydrous magnesium Chloride Price, US$180-250/TON FOB Qingdao, China

4. 99% anhydrous magnesium Chloride Price, US$190-260/TON FOB Qingdao, China

5. Food Grade magnesium Chloride Price, US$110-130/TON FOB Qingdao, China

Bell is a large professional MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE manufacturer in North China. We manufacture 42%-44% magnesium chloride, 46% magnesium chloride, 98% anhydrous magnesium chloride, 99% anhydrous magnesium chloride.

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