Magnesium Chloride Food Grade

    Magnesium Chloride Food Grade is used as a food additiveIt is used in food industry as a flavor enhancer and to improve the texture and stability of food products. Magnesium Chloride is commonly used in dairy products, such as ice cream and cheese, as well as in processed meats and baked goods. 

    Magnesium Chloride Food Grade is an important coagulant, used in the preparation of tofu, soy, beverages, and other food industries. Magnesium ions attract moisture and hold a significant amount of water, which reduces microbial activity. This way, magnesium chloride can increase shelf-life in several food products, such as bakery products. The sodium content can even be reduced significantly due to the addition of magnesium chloride. The specific flavour profile of magnesium chloride can result in a beneficial impact on specific flavours, such as salmiak and bitter tones. In addition, the water holding capacity can impact texture in a way that products can remain softer or more moisty.   

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Magnesium Chloride Food Grade - Production Process

Food Grade Magnesium Chloride -Production Process

Magnesium Chloride Food Grade- Specification

Manufacturer: Weifang Bell Chemical Co., Ltd
Water insoluble0.1%max0.05%
Lead (Pb)0.0003%max<0.0003%
Ammonium ( NH4)0.005%max<0.005%
AppearanceWhite flakeWhite flake
magnesium chloride white flake
Magnesium Chloride Food Grade

Application of Magnesium Chloride Food Grade

    Magnesium Chloride Food Grade is most commonly used as a coagulant in the preparation of tofu from soy milk. Other applications as Fermentation agent, hardening agent, protein from soya bean coagulator, animal protein coagulator, artificial water, salting-out agent.

    Magnesium chloride Food Grade can be added to sports drinks as electrolyte, or as additive to food and drinks to simply enrich them with magnesium. Lots of health benefits are attributed to magnesium, as it is an essential mineral for the human body. Besides, magnesium chloride can be added to cosmetics for thickening purposes or can be consumed as supplement.