Magnesium Chloride 46% (White)

1. Introduction

  • Magnesium chloride 46% is the hexahydrate form of magnesium chloride. Its typical content of magnesium chloride is 46%. The hydrated magnesium chloride can be extracted from brine or seawater.
  • Magnesium Chloride Flake is the form most commonly seen. It appears yellow or white colors in different concentrations. It is hygroscopic and highly soluble in water. It has various uses in the food industry, health, road maintenance, and industrial applications.  
  • Bell Chemical is a large professional Magnesium Chloride Manufacturer and direct exporter in China. We can provide all kinds of magnesium chloride products in flake, powder, and granular forms. Please get in touch with us for more information.

2. Picture

46% magnesium chloride
46% magnesium chloride
Magnesium Chloride Crystal
Magnesium Chloride Crystal
White Magnesium Chloride Flakes

3. Basic Information

FOB Price:USD$70-90/MT FOB Qingdao, China.
Chemical Formula:MgCl₂.6H₂O
CAS No.:7791-18-6 (Hexahydrate Magnesium Chloride)
HS Code:2827310000
Dangerous Cargo:No
Type:Flake, Powder, Granule, Pellet
Grade:Industrial Grade, Food Grade
Packaging:25kg/bag, 1000kg/jumbo bag, Customization
Supplier:Weifang Bell Chemical Co., Ltd.
Production Capacity:3000 Tons per month

4. COA of Magnesium Chloride 46%

Magnesium Chloride 46%













Alkali metal chloride(Cl)






Water insoluble




Flake, Powder, Pellet, Granule

5. Packaging

  • Packaging Weight:25kg/bag; 1000kg/bag; 25kg*40bags/jumbo bag; Customization  
  • Packaging Material: (1) Plastic bags (2) PP+PE bags (3) Ton-bags or FLBC. (4) As requested
Magnesium Chloride 46.5%
Magnesium Chloride White Flake
Magnesium Chloride Flake 99%
Magnesium Chloride Flake 99%
Magnesium Chloride Flake 98%
Magnesium Chloride Flake 98%

6. Storage and Shelf Life

  • Magnesium chloride is a highly hygroscopic product and should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. 
  • The maximum shelf life is two years if properly stored.

7. Price

  • USD$70-90/MT FOB Qingdao, China.
  • CIF, CFR and DAP prices are available

8. Payment terms

  • T/T, L/C
  • Negotiable

9. Lead Time/ Shipping Time

  • Based on our large stock, we can ship the cargo within 10-15 days.

10. Application of Magnesium Chloride 46% Industrial Grade

1. It is used as road deicing and deicing agent, with fast deicing speed, less corrosion to vehicles and less damage to soil. Its liquid form can be used for road antifreeze measures. It is often sprayed on roads before winter rains to keep them from icing. Therefore, it can prevent the vehicle from skidding and ensure road safety.

2. Dust control. It can absorb moisture in the air, so it can be used in dusty places to suppress the dust to the floor, thereby preventing small dust particles from spreading in the air. It is often used in excavation sites, indoor sports venues, horse farms, etc.

3. This compound can be used to make cement. Due to its non-combustible properties, it is often used in various fire protection equipment. The textile and paper industries also take advantage of this.

4. Magnesium chloride is used as a viscosity control agent in cosmetics and skin care products.

5. Industrial grade magnesium chloride is a natural decolorizing agent, which has a great effect on the decolorization of reactive dyes.

6. As an additive for silica gel products, magnesium chloride modified silica gel can significantly increase the hygroscopic performance.

7. An additive for polishing ceramics, which can improve the surface gloss and strengthen the hardness.

8. Raw material of fluorescent paint.

11. Application of 46% Magnesium Chloride 46% Food Grade

1. Magnesium chloride can be used as a coagulant for tofu. The characteristic is that the tofu made is tender and elastic, and the bean flavor is very strong. Protein coagulant for dried tofu and fried tofu, the dried tofu and fried tofu are not easy to break.

2. Water remover (for fish cakes, dosage 0.05% ~ 0.1%)

3. Texture improver (combined with polyphosphate, as an elastic enhancer for surimi and shrimp products), because of its strong bitter taste, the usual amount is less than 0.1%;

4. Mineral enhancer, used in healthy food and healthy drink. Magnesium chloride is also a component of infant formula.

In addition, it has been widely used in the production and processing of salt, mineral water, bread, aquatic product preservation, fruits and vegetables and other industries. In the process of food processing, it can also be used as curing agent, leavening agent, protein coagulant, water remover, starter, tissue improver, etc. It is also used as a nutrition enhancer; a taste agent (combined with magnesium sulfate, salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium sulfate, etc.); a wheat flour treatment agent; a dough quality improver; an oxidant; a canned fish modifier; a maltose treatment agent.